About Us

NatureBike was born in Cisternino in 2011.

NatureBike in our country is now a point of reference for this activity born from a passion and became a real job. Vito takes visitors around every type that moving from the accommodation facilities of the territory discover glimpses and paths fortunately not yet accessible to motor vehicles. Excursions of a few hours or a whole day, normally to discover farms, archaeological areas and unspoiled nature.

It is easy to realize how the cycle tourism has become a fundamental pillar of tourism in our area. Every day and in almost all the seasons we see small caravans of cyclists who, starting or arriving in Cisternino, rediscover the beauty of these places through the slowness of this ancient pedestrian vehicle.

Today Vito has the opportunity to come into contact with new and different people and cultures that enrich and encourage them to carry on this activity thanks to the various European and American agencies.