Monte Pizzuto – Via Traiana – Dolmen

Possibility to customize the route or start from the accommodation.


Naturebike starting point where we can choose the most suitable bike. A ring ride on the scenic Caranna, on a stretch of stony road, from here we can see the sea that is lost on the horizon. We begin to descend, we can observe various farms and the plain of ancient olive trees, where in this area there is the greatest concentration. We enter on the Via Traiana “the way desired by the emperor Trajan built in 109 BC. to connect Rome to Brindisi. On the street full of dry stone walls, trees of Almond, Carrubo ulivi we arrive at the ancient Dolmen megalithic artefact of 4 thousand years ago, whose functionality is not yet clear, but the hypotheses refer to funerary or esoteric rites. Continuing we reach Mass. Giummetta where the hosts will be happy to make us visit the valley of the Giants, majestic olive trees of 3 thousand years ago, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, where we can embrace the good giant, a millennial tree surveyed by the Union European among the most beautiful in the world. Here we will be able to taste an extra-virgin nutraceutical oil and a food-drug that is very good for your health. We start towards the end of the path, from here a Van will take us to the starting point

Meeting place: NatureBike Office

Path length: It can vary from 20 to 35 km

Duration: about 5 hours

Slope: Flat

Difficulty: Medium, for lovers of white roads

Type of road: dirt, low-traffic asphalt

Possibility of having the van support all the way, for any emergency.